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Why Bravada?

Are you unable to live the life that you’ve anticipated for yourself? Do your relationships inevitably fail or follow the same unhealthy patterns? Are you sad often? Do you struggle with shutting down? Are you struggling with terror in situations that others do not? Perhaps you’re caught up repeating dysfunctional generational family dynamics? Is perfection ruining your ability to feel joy? Do you have a past of sexual abuse, abandonment or physical abuse? Have you been diagnosed with PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder or an Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder? Perhaps your career as a first responder, medical professional or church leader has left you in vicarious trauma?

Kate Duskey, LPCC-S, MA, DARTT, BS

Kate Duskey


Meet Kate

I'm a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with a supervisory endorsement and additional training as a trauma therapist. I attended graduate school at Cincinnati Christian University's School of Behavioral Science. Following this, I attained a clinical endorsement and then a supervisory endorsement. Studying under the HOCI Institute, I went on to become a developmental and relational trauma therapist. My main areas of treatment focus include trauma and personality disorders. Mood disorders and anxiety disorders also tend to be prevalent in my work, as they can oftentimes be comorbid to trauma and/or personality disorders. Currently, I am studying at the Cincinnati Psychoanalytic Institute.

I have taught undergraduate psychological courses, participated in research and trained in sex addiction, through the International Trauma Training Institute. My most prevalent theoretical orientations originate from psychoanalysis, neuroscientific, attachment theories, physiology, and existential theories.

I primarily work with those suffering from past sexual abuse, physical abuse, war, neglect and emotional abuse/neglect. Trauma and personality disorder are complex and far reaching, entangled in the lives of anguishing individuals. Symptoms can include sadness, anger, anxiety, damaging relationship patterns, acting out behaviors, terror and other career and/or social dysfunctions.

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