Mixing faith or spiritual beliefs with psychotherapy is an option.

Is it important to integrate your faith into psychotherapy?

This is a heavily personal decision. There are countless theories of treatment of the psyche, all with differing views of religion or spirituality, as well as the weight they carry in psychotherapy. People of faith acknowledge that it plays a major role in their psyche and worldview; it can be extremely beneficial to discuss your personal belief system with your clinician. It is my professional belief that if you have a religious or spiritual core belief system, this can be a helpful factor to integrate into treatment.

Christian Counseling

My faith-based educational background includes undergraduate studies in the Bible (Old & New Testament), as well as graduate level training in understanding the integration of Biblical studies with the human psyche. However, if you are not comfortable with discussing any type of faith based issues, I would be pleased to work with you on a non-faith based basis.

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