Covid 19 has impacted our entire community. We must support one another as adjustments to our daily lives may be called for.

How We Are Handling Covid 19

During this unusual time of continuous adjustments and upheaval in our schedules, we want you to know that Bravada Counseling is offering in-person sessions, as well as telehealth. If you choose to attend in-person therapy, please know that sanitization, temperature checks, social distancing and other safety measures will be implemented. All telehealth therapy sessions will be using secure, HIPAA compliant, encrypted software. If you have any questions, please call or submit a message request below.

Medical Providers, First Responders & Clinical Mental Health Professionals

Another important note, especially in the age of COVID-19, is that medical professionals, first responders and clinical mental health providers are all at an increased risk of experiencing the vicarious trauma response. The fear, uncertainty and emotional depletion of caring for traumatized individuals during a global pandemic can carry a heavy burden. The prolonged exposure to widespread death and suffering is a very painful experience for humans to make sense of. Symptoms of vicarious traumatization mimic the trauma response and can lead to burnout, as well as the same health issues that an overactive autonomic nervous system presents.

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