Dialectical Behavioral Therapy online counseling in a non-judgemental and open-minded environment.

Meet Lorey

Being non-judgmental and open-minded are significantly important to me. It's a personal belief that each client is an individual who deserves respect and unconditional regard for their unique life experiences. I utilize client centered therapy that allows you to be directive and feel more involved in the therapeutic process. This then allows me to connect with you and together we can develop a treatment plan. This will help you to foster the skills that are needed to achieve the goals that you've set forth.

Who I Work With

I work, rather successfully, with individuals who are dealing with trauma, as well as the anxiety that so often accompanies such trauma. My training includes that in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) and trauma informed therapy. I've found that these approaches assist you in challenging cognitive distortions, and are then better able to address the negative thought patterns that cause a perceptual bias, which can be debilitating.

Couples, Family and Parenting

Additionally, I work with couples and parenting issues, using parenting & family therapy techniques. Emphasis is placed on helping each individual to empower themselves and each other. I am open and accepting of LGBTQIA individuals, couples and families.

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